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4/10 New Pavilions Built on SMB
3/19 Scoping Meeting for Pavillions Project March 19
3/4 Elections 2014 Information
10/13 Town Halls October 2013
7/10 2013 Summer Concert Series


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The WLANC Elections

The West L.A. Neighborhood Council election call for candidates begins March 4th. Anyone interested in running should review our website for seat qualifications. A complete list is on

On 3/4 you will be able to register by going to: and clicking on Elections 2014, region 11 West L.A. You can also download the PDF form and mail it in.

  • March 4, 2014 -- Candidate Filing Begins
  • April 3, 2014 -- Deadline for Candidate Filing
  • Sunday, May 18 -- Election Day, West LA Civic Center Farmers Market, Polling Hours 9 am -- 3 pm

Events by West Los Angeles Neighborhood Council

  • Farmer's Market Every Sunday at Civic Center
  • Board of Directors meeting monthly, fourth Wednesday at 7 pm
  • Planning and Land Use Management Committee, monthly, first Tuesday at 7 pm
  • Outreach and Community Input Committee, monthly, third Monday at 7 pm.
  • Meeting dates may change, watch the dates on the calendar in the left column.


The WLANC Office Hours: Sundays 11am-Noon
(Make an appointment to meet with our Chair. Other Board Members will appear on rotation.)

Every Sunday from 11 am to Noon, by appointment,  Jay Handal, Chair of the West L.A. Neighborhood Council, will be on hand at the WLANC Offices for stakeholders to come to discuss issues that affect them. The WLANC offices are located in the West L.A. Municipal Building, 1645 Corinth Avenue (Civic Center plaza) in West L.A.. Please note that the entrance is on the west side of the building, opposite the Court House (not the main entrance).  Jay's email:


Welcome to the West L.A. Neighborhood Council web site! If you live, work or own property within the boundaries of the West L.A. Neighborhood Council, you are a stakeholder  of the West L.A. Neighborhood Council and we encourage you to get involved! Neighborhood Councils are advisory bodies to the Los Angeles City Council that act as a liaison between the local stakeholders and city government, making city government more responsive to local needs.  We have 10 committees that deal with issues ranging from Planning and Land Use Management, to Traffic and Beautification. You are welcome to attend any Meeting, but to really get involved we recommend you join a committee that interests you. For more information on how to get involved and how meetings are run click here. To keep up-to-date on Neighborhood Council meetings and West L.A. news, subscribe to our Mail List. Our bylaws (see current version) govern our meetings.  See you at one of our meetings!

Free WiFi at the West L.A. Civic Center Plaza
Next time you are at the West L.A. Civic Center Plaza or the West L.A. Farmers Market, you will be able to connect to wlancwifi, the free WiFi service, courtesy of the West L.A. Neighborhood Council. Happy internet surfing!